Congratulations to the entire BSPN Architecture team, Ormiston College and everyone that worked on the Centre for Learning and Innovation project.

Ormiston College’s Centre for Learning and Innovation last week won a commendation at the Learning Environments Australasia’s Queensland chapter awards night, in the New Education Facility over $8M category.

Located at the cruciform of the North, South, East and West axis’ within the School Campus, the Ormiston College Centre for Learning and Innovation has realized its purpose as the social and educational epicentre of the College.

Replacing an outdated single-story library, the new Centre for Leaning and Innovation (CLI) is a two-storey building that supports an array of contemporary learning spaces. The building as a learning experience is a collation of library, academic, social (café), creative, archival and technological services that create a synergy of expertise rarely found at a single location within a school environment.

The result is a cultural and learning hub that actively embraces the engagement of students, teachers, parents and the broader community, where learning occurs anywhere, anytime.

Embedded within the landscape, the building perimeter is an assembly of diverse socio-spatial environments for learning, interaction and engagement.

An ‘internal laneway’ connects the CLI to the campus by creating an active pedestrian thoroughfare that draws the landscape and primary circulatory axis’ deep into the footprint of the building.

The ‘Laneway’ immerses students in a convergence of technology in an environment that nurtures creativity, imagination and information.

The Ormiston College CLI is a place where minds are engaged and inspired, where students are encouraged to seek and achieve.  It pushes aside the conventional typologies of primary and secondary education facilities, making way for a learning centre that engages students in self-directed learning, empowers teachers as facilitators of knowledge and the school community as active participants.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team for this achievement, with the project now shortlisted for the national 2020 Learning Environments Australasia Awards.

Ormiston College CLI Interior  |  Ormiston College CLI Exterior