Creating an Authentic European Café Experience: The Arana Leagues Club Project.

BSPN recently completed an authentic European café experience within Arana Leagues Club, featuring themed design elements such as custom mosaic tiles, warm colour palettes, and street awnings. A stand-alone café with its own identity, it has become the heart of the club and a celebration of café culture exuding old-world charm.

The project involved reconfiguring and expanding the existing cafe and creating a new kitchen that would be utilized as part of a future beer garden extension. BSPN also extended the gaming room to provide a more spacious experience with fewer machines while integrating a separate designated outdoor smoking area.


The interior design strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern elements.

Custom mosaic tiles in deep reds, touches of pink clay and warm white tones, as well as wall and ceiling murals incorporating washed greens and a rich colour palette, come together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Booth seating featuring an olive tree planter and detailed upholstery, brass detailing to the bar fronts and feature plinths, and timber accents throughout the design palette, all contribute to the unique and inviting atmosphere of the European Café experience. A coffered ceiling mural serves as a striking focal point within the space, defining pedestrian paths.

Differing floor finishes and patterns, including large timber-look planks and custom mosaic tiles, were used to define zones within the café and direct pedestrian movement.

As you approach the cafe, the shopfront glazing with a canvas awning and bespoke street lamps creates an ambience reminiscent of a European streetscape.

Passers-by can catch glimpses of the activity within, where the cafe serves up fresh espresso, made-to-order sandwiches, and gelato that will transport you directly to the streets of Europe.

The seating area of the café is divided into various zones, each featuring different styles of seating, from cosy banquettes to counter height stools.

Beautifully detailed booth seating upholstery and brass detailing to the bar fronts and feature plinths contribute to the unique and inviting atmosphere of the European Café experience.

Timber accents throughout the design palette ground the space and bring warmth to the scheme.




The result is a visually stunning and inviting space that celebrates cafe culture and adds a new dimension to the club’s offerings. It’s no wonder the project has been well-received by the club and its patrons.

BSPN is proud to have been a part of this exciting new venue, demonstrating our dedication to creating one-of-a-kind and memorable experiences through innovative design.