Trinity St Kilda takes this heritage hall back to its original purpose: a space to connect, unite and anchor the community through social interaction, having served as a community hub since 1925.

A throwback to the old-school monk beer brews, church dances and school fetes, the new design revives the church hall to its former glory, maintaining the redbrick façade, heritage windows and hardwood trusses, and reinvents this venue for the next generation.


The main bar manipulates rich greens and neutral timbers to provide a warm and comforting space to congregate, accentuating the hall’s high gabled ceiling and acoustics.

The jewel in the crown is a feature ‘bar hamper’ of treated steel, aged brass and bronze mesh to form a simplified ‘trefoil’ redolent of Gothic Revival architecture. It highlights the large beer tanks floating overhead, a visual treat of any Melbournian bar goer from the 1890’s to 2020’s.

Once a community performance space, the mezzanine emphasises a dark and luxurious pallet, with highlights of polished brass and a monolithic textured stone floating bar.


Five picture windows frame views of the Holy Trinity Church’s large stained glass windows, slate roofing and stacked bluestone façade.

BSPN were involved throughout the extended duration of the project. Working with our client as a collective with a fluid exchange of ideas, we were able to take their vision and adapt the existing four areas of the hall into unique offers that can be utilised throughout different times and days of the week.